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Bringing industry colleagues together as a team

A new way of working together – that’s what My Interior Project facilitates. My Interior Project brings industry peers together. The application improves cooperation between the various parties involved in an interior design project.

My Interior Project makes it simple to involve a consultant or supplier in your project at an early stage. Via the application, each specialist or supplier can enter the complete and correct specifications quickly and easily. As a consequence, everyone involved has continuous access to the latest, up-to-date information.

Multiple consultants in one project

How exactly does this work? First, as the administrator of a project, you share all or part of the project with the advisor. The consultant supplements your project with the correct descriptions from their field of knowledge. Thereafter, all other added colleagues have direct access to this data. This is all possible with

several consultants working on one project.

Complete and correct specifications

With My Interior Project, consultants and suppliers can quickly and easily enter the complete specifications for the project. This eliminates problems caused by overlapping communication flows and ensures that no misunderstandings arise. All parties are on the same page during the entire process. And it also saves a lot of time!


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