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Fast, efficient and complete communication

It’s a new development in interior construction – people waiting a long time to make a decision to renovate an interior or to rent a building. Then, once the decision has been made, the client wants to get started quickly. You as a project manager or interior architect are asked to set up the process immediately.

Missing alignment

In the event of a quick start, the parties involved often immediately start working at the same time. It is then a major challenge to steer everyone in the right direction and to ensure that all communication runs smoothly.

All parties involved produce a lot of documentation, all at the same time, leading to a lack of coordination. Then, at a later stage, it’s necessary to straighten everything out again – resulting in duplication of work.

Work more efficiently with My Interior Project

My Interior Project solves this problem. Everyone works together on the same project at the same time. Trying to decide on the type of ceiling? Then a lighting consultant can respond straight away with lighting advice. Does the interior architect want a particular type of floor? Then the furniture supplier can immediately see what kind of legs the furniture needs to suit the floor.

In short, with My Interior Project you can quickly, efficiently and completely create an interior plan together.


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