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Have an overview of the furniture plan

An interior plan includes a separate furniture plan. This plan consists of new furniture and sometimes existing furniture pieces that go along with the new design. We have developed My Interior Project so that the entire furniture planning process runs as efficiently as possible –. from the first design to moving in.

Sort by characteristics

Each product in My Interior Project is given at least three characteristics:

  • Brand and type

  • Category

  • Space and number

These characteristics are required for a number of processes. You can sort the products by each characteristic in the app. Each characteristic is intended for one specific part of the design process.


Sorting by brand is necessary for a correct quote request for the selected brand. For example, to give to a supplier.


For an application to a broad spectrum supplier, you can easily select all the categories for which you want to apply in one go.


By selecting by room, you can quickly see what furniture is in which room. This gives you a clear overall overview per room when moving in.

In the My Interior Project app you can handle these characteristics dynamically, without having to generate different documents. You can easily sort products with just the touch of a button.


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