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Including existing furniture in your design

We see it more and more often in personal interior design and in the contract market – existing furniture being included in new designs rather than being replaced. The reasons are many, but the outcome is that existing furniture makes its way through numerous designs in its lifetime.

The interior design project process

Who decides what furniture goes along on this journey? What pieces are suitable to take with you? The client often makes a list of the furniture they want to keep which the interior architect then takes into account during the design process, incorporating this furniture into their design. This can be a difficult process that requires a lot of effort from the client, the designer and the project manager.

A clear digital storage space

The My Interior Project application makes this process considerably easier. Within the app, the category 'existing furniture' provides a digital storage space to share with the client. The client simply adds the furniture they want to keep to the category. The interior architect can then divide these pieces among the rooms at a later stage.

This unique approach of My Interior Project provides you with a clear overview of what will be incorporated with the new interior. With this tool, you quickly build a complete document to work with and you’ll use your time a lot more efficiently.


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