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My Interior Project prevents duplication of work

As an interior architect or project manager you’ll recognise that the process of accomplishing a complete furniture proposal includes all kinds of different documents and revisions. And this brings with it a lot of double work.

Various documents and revisions

It starts with document 1: you make a proposal for furniture, for example, in PowerPoint or as a 3D visualisation. This is followed by the first revision because the client wants to implement a number of changes. A few more changes and alternatives are then incorporated in a second revision.

You send document 2, often in Excel or Word, to a supplier. The document contains all conceivable specifications, with or without images. These are the same pieces of furniture as in the second revision of document 1 but in a different format.

Next, document 3 is a quotation from a supplier. In this document, they let you know that not all furniture is available, and give you some alternatives. However, these alternatives are not what you want. The document is now presented in a different format than documents 1 and 2, but contains the same information. You should check this document very carefully. Is everything included, including the correct numbers and locations? Depending on the size of the project, this can be a lot of work.

This is followed by document 3, first revision, containing changes to the quotation. Then comes document 3, second revision, because unfortunately not everything is right yet.

Finally, document 4, contains an overview of the existing furniture that will be taken to the new location.

Always up-to-date with My Interior Project

There are now various documents going around that should all contain the same information, including a document with the existing furniture. This is clearly very cumbersome and error-prone, and results in a lot of duplication of work.

By working with My Interior Project, this problem is history. In the app, everyone involved is working together on the same project. As a result, there are no longer all kinds of documents and revisions. Instead, all parties work with the shared information until all specifications and alternatives are established.

In addition, you work in the cloud with My Interior Project. As a consequence, the information is always up-to-date and you no longer have to wait for updates. If desired, the client can have a look at any time. And if you need a tailor-made offer, you can generate an overview with a few clicks then easily download it as a PDF.

Faster, more efficient and with fewer errors – that’s working with My Interior Project!


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