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Specialists in interior design: our interior standard provides an overview

The different aspects of interior design are becoming more and more specialised. Matters such as lighting and acoustics require increasingly specific knowledge and it’s now almost impossible to know the details of all parts of the interior design industry.

That’s why we see increasing numbers of specialists emerging who deal with one specific part of the interior. As a result, projects often involve many parties working together. But h do you ensure that all these stakeholders work well together?

My Interior Project: a new standard

Each specialist provides advice in their own way. Advice is unique to each supplier – there is no standard in the interior design market. This can lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings. My Interior Project has responded to this challenge by developing our interior standard.

In addition to the application, in which everyone can describe their specifications in the same way, a framework of categories has also been set up. Each party can enter their own descriptions here. You collaborate, but retain an overview.

A category is available for each speciality within the interior design industry. If everyone involved works with this system, every project will automatically become a lot clearer.


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