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One project environment for every interior project

The interior architect and project manager take the lead in the realisation of every project. The interior architect or interior designer designs a beautiful interior and the project manager supervises the process. But of course, these are not the only team members involved. Many other parties are involved in the design and realisation of the new interior.

The interior architect and other parties involved

For one, the client is always part of the design team. Usually, several people from the client’s side are involved, such as team members from Facilities, HR and ICT departments. Consultants in the fields of acoustics, lighting and climate also come on board during the design phase.

During the realisation of a project, there is also a main contractor who works with the various subcontractors. And these parties might consist of project managers and staff on the shop floor. In short: many people are involved in each project.

Synchronising project information

All these people need to be able to access the project information in a specific way in order for them to work with it properly. This means that the information must be disseminated in different ways. We often see many different documents created, which actually contain the same thing.

Any changes, such as switching to a different carpet (and that happens regularly), all documents must be adjusted. However, this synchronisation often goes wrong, resulting in unpleasant surprises during the construction phase.

My Interior Project

The application My Interior Project offers the solution. With My Interior Project, everyone works from a single project environment from which all parties can obtain exactly the information they need, how and when they need it.

The client can view the information for all products per room – carpets, tables, chairs, lamps, and so on. And the upholsterer, for example, can filter from the same environment only the information that they need to do their job.

In this scenario, both parties get the information they need from the same project environment but make different selections and look at it in a different way. And if a change is made – the carpet, for example – the client will immediately see this in the personal environment.

My Interior Project thus reduces the number of documents and document flows, resulting in a more efficient process with fewer errors.


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