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My Interior Project is an online platform that streamlines the interior design process by facilitating efficient collaboration among all involved parties.

Centralisatie van Projectdocumentatie.png

Centralization of Project Documentation

All project-related documents, from design sketches to supplier contracts, are stored in one accessible online environment.

Transparantie en Overzicht.png

Transparency and Overview

Ensures clarity and insight into the project through standardized documentation and easy access for all parties.

Efficiënte Samenwerking.png

Efficient Collaboration

Provides a platform for seamless collaboration among all project stakeholders, from designers to suppliers.

Duurzaam documenteren.png

Sustainable Documentation

Creates a sustainable record of the project, including all specifications and documentation, accessible for future modifications or references.

Dynamische Specificatiebeheer.png

Dynamic Specification Management

Enables collaborating with partners to develop specifications for the interior project.



Designed with the user in mind, making it easy to upload documents, update specifications, and share project updates.

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For whom is My Interior Project developed?

My Interior Project is developed for a wide range of professionals involved in interior projects, including:


Interior designers: for efficiently specifying and managing all elements of their designs, from furniture to finishes.

Project managers: who want to oversee project progress and ensure streamlined communication among all stakeholders.

Design teams: collaborating on interior projects can share real-time updates and dynamically manage specifications.

Suppliers and manufacturers: for showcasing their products directly to designers and project managers within the application.

Clients: who want insight into the details of their project and to track progress.

Facility managers: for managing and maintaining the interior design after project completion, using the digital interior passport.

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  • What happens to the projects I create?
    The projects you create always stay within your account. No one can view your projects, not even My Interior Project employees.
  • Are you able to view my projects?
    No, not a single person outside of the people you invite has access to your projects. If you share your account with others, those people obviously are able to view and edit your projects.
  • How many projects can I create?
    In the FREE version you have access to My First Project with which you can set up an entire project. You can also change the name and add and remove specifications. And you have the opportunity to be invited to collaborate on a project. In a PRO account you have access to unlimited projects and invitations to collaborate.
  • Can I convert my project into an Excel sheet?
    Yes, this is possible. You can find this function in the project settings. But we recommend not to do this, because you will lose all the useful functions of My Interior Project.
  • How many products can I add to any given project?
    You can add an unlimited number of products and alternatives to any given project. However, you should take into account that the more products you add, the longer it will take to convert your project into a PDF file and download it.
  • How can I create a team?
    Go to your profile settings to invite your colleagues. All you need to do is input their email address and send out an invitation. If they accept the invitation, your colleague will automatically be added to your team account.
  • I am part of a team, can I collaborate on my colleague's project?
    Yes, you can! Another neat feature of working as a team is that whenever you add a custom product, your team members will also be able to view that newly created product on the My Products page.
  • I want to add someone from a different organisation to add products to my project - is that possible?
    Yes this is possible. In the application you have two different ways to collaborate. In a company account and in a project environment. In a company account you can see all the projects of your colleagues and you can work in it to support each other in various projects. You can send this invitation in your profile settings. You can also invite external My Interior Project users per project to work in your project or part of your project. You can send this invitation in the project environment.
  • Is this process similar to writing building specifications?
    Yes, it is a comparable process. In construction, companies generally use the Dutch STABU specification system. This system is not suitable for interior design, because it contains relatively few categories pertaining to interior design elements. My Interior Project has been specially designed for interior design, with highly suitable categories. We refer to this system as NIPO: New Interior Project Organisation. ead more about NIPO here
  • Does a My Interior Project subscription cost money?
    You can use the application for free for one project. This is 'My First Project,' which you receive when you create an account. Additionally, you can be invited to work on one more project. If you opt for a PRO account, you can create an unlimited number of projects and be invited to participate in them.
  • What is the duration of a My Interior Project subscription?
    The duration of a subscription is one year. We will inform you in a timely manner and ask if you would like to renew your subscription.
  • Will I be getting calls from product representatives whenever I add products to a project?
    No, because no one can view the contents of your projects including brands and representatives. My Interior Project is an independent initiative.
  • Why is the brand I'm looking for not included in the database?
    We aim to include as many products as possible in the database, but thanks to the wealth of products out there, there will always be products that we have not added (yet). The My Products page exists so you can add your own products.
  • Can I add products to the database as well?
    No, not to the general database. However, you can use the My Products page to add your own products. And if you are part of a team, the My Products page will also display the products added by your colleagues.
  • The database contains a product that is no longer carried by the manufacturer. How is this possible?
    The database has been copied directly from the website of the relevant brand. That is why the info page always contains a link to the product page on the brand's website. When a brand updates their website, we adjust the database accordingly. However, in some cases a change may have occurred that we have not yet been made aware of. If you do come across a product that is no longer available, please let us know so that we can make the necessary changes to the database.
  • The link to the product page is not working. What's wrong?
    This can happen if the brand has changed their website. If you run into this issue, please let us know so that we can make the necessary changes to the database as soon as possible.
  • What can I do with the My Interior Project application?
    My Interior Project was developed by and for interior designers. Thanks to the My Interior Project application, you can easily collect products or materials and include both general and more specific descriptions regarding your interior design project. You also have the option of downloading all of the specifications in a clear PDF overview.
  • How is Creative Parrots involved in My Interior Project?
    My Interior Project was originally founded by Ruud van de Wier. Ruud is an interior designer and owner of the interior design firm Creative Parrots.
  • Which issues can My Interior Project help me solve?
    The My Interior Project application enables you to gather products more quickly and efficiently. The application was also specially designed to create interior design specifications. The application enables you to provide specifications regarding your interior design project in an efficient manner and in close collaboration with your entire design team.
  • Alright, so what's the catch?
    No, there are no small print. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.
  • Why is the application called My Interior Project?
    My Interior Project was made for interior designers. It provides support throughout the process of designing a space and can enrich any interior design process.
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