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Working together with freelancers in the interior design world

The interior design world consists of all kinds of companies – producers, suppliers, consultants, contractors and designers. And these companies have different formats, from freelancers to companies with 100+ employees and everything in between.

Designers and consultants in particular are often self-employed freelancers. It frequently happens that a studio uses them for support, or a project manager calls them in as a designer or advisor for a new project or specific component. Collaborations with many different parties concurrently are therefore common in our industry.

Efficient collaboration with My Interior Project

The My Interior Project software was created with interior design professionals in mind. The application enables better and more efficient collaboration between different parties in the interior design market.

Every interior project needs a project description covering general specifications about the property, furniture, materials, lighting, installations, and so on. These descriptions come from different people inside and outside the company, such as the freelancer drawing up the design or the consultant who has been engaged to work on a certain part. And with so many contributions coming from different people, the project description can quickly become overly complex and confused.

Clear working at project level

With My Interior Project, you can invite colleagues at project level to work together on a project. This enables you to describe all specifications with several people at the same time in one project environment. From the furniture to the lighting, from the floors to the walls.

By working together in the same virtual environment, the project remains clear, despite the fact that several parties are involved. You find the right specifications faster and project colleagues can complement and improve each other’s work. There’s no need to share countless revisions, and duplication of work is avoided. As a consequence, a project runs much faster and much more efficiently.

Do you want to know more? Sign up now and experience My Interior Project for yourself!


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